Basement Finishes

At Jaime’s Felipe Renovations LLC, we have comprehensive experience in Basement
Remodeling projects. We love working with our community in Austin and helping families
improve their dream homes.

Basement Renovations/Remodeling

  • Basement Services
  • Complete Remodel
  • Basement Painting
  • Custom Basement Renovations
  • New Construction Basement
  • Home Additions Basement Services and many more

Custom Basement Remodeling

  • Custom Homes
  • High-End Renovations
  • Custom Finishes

For impeccable yet affordable residential renovation services anywhere in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas, never hesitate to call Jaime’s Felipe Renovations for the job. We are the Home Renovation expert who can guarantee to deliver to your complete satisfaction. To learn more about our excellent offers, call us at (512) 883-6414 now!